The INNOVOCEAN Difference is innovation and agility. We use innovation methodologies in our design and manufacturing to improve our Boats. When we receive feedback from you, we incorporate your suggestions into our design. This way our boats are evolving along with your needs.


The Best Value, Aluminum Transom and Five Innovations  

Latest seam welding technology. None cracking and splitting structure. A deeper inflatable keel ensures good performance and tracking. Aluminum reinforced transom with AkzoNobel Coating and brackets designed for the optional quick-connect wheel kit. Rugged factory installed lifting d-rings at bow combined with transom mounts.

Difference of Osprey Advanced Series Inflatable Boats

All-inclusive, Ultimate Design and Top-of-the-Line Quality  

Equipped with ALL the accessories (Canopy, Wheels, Ladder, fishing rod holders, Anchor holder, Bow bag, Bench bag with cushion, floor bag, boat bag) and ALL the Features (Welded tube structure, Safest Design and speedy planing performance). Premium quality fabrics and manufacturing. Extra durable construction.

Difference of Master Series Inflatable Boats


INNOVOCEAN is a Canadian Inflatable Boat, RIB and Smart Boat manufacturer founded by a group of highly educated engineers. Started from the Engineering Innovation Center of a Canadian University in 2011, INNOVOCEAN is dedicated to developing the next generation boats and solving problems in boating industry.

INNOVOCEAN is designing and manufacturing the safest inflatable boats at affordable prices for Canadian families. 

Why buy INNOVOCEAN Inflatable Boats? 

INNOVOCEAN Inflatable Boats come with Rescue Boats genes. We use rescue boat structure, test process and design standards to build our boats. Safety and Durability are always our first concerns.

Every boat we manufacture is inspected by our trained and qualified personnel at every step of manufacture and before sending them to our customers. We make sure our boats are of the most perfect quality.

The Innovocean MA360 12’ inflatable boat far exceeded our expectations. We absolutely love it. We were very surprised with all of the extras that come with the boat. Also, the price is very reasonable, especially considering the complete package. I believe this is the best and most reasonably priced inflatable on the market. It was surprisingly easy to assemble and we had it in the water and were racing around in a little over an hour. Also, the staff was very helpful and even offered advice on the setup after delivery. We are extremely pleased with our purchase. We highly recommend Innovocean if you are looking to purchase a fantastic inflatable boat.
- Robin Gentry
In 2018 I purchased a 13 ft. RIB (Innovocean ALD 390). I have used this boat for one season. It is an excellent Inflatable. I am using it with a 20 Hp. Tohatsu outboard. Used it in 5 ft waves with no problem. On flat water achieved speeds of 24 mph with 2 people on board. Excellent sales experience. I am a very satisfied customer.
- Berni Samulowski
Very happy with my purchase! I bought an OS-330 inflatable boat and a Tohatsu propane 5 outboard motor. I can reach 24 km/h with one person in the boat, and 20 km/h with two people - very surprising for an inflatable boat with a motor than only has 5 HP! The boat is easy to assemble, takes less than 30 minutes to put together. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a good priced inflatable boat!
- Pavlo M
Great satisfaction dealing with Julian. Besides carrying good product lines, he is very knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy. I strongly recommend this dealership if you are planning to buy any inflatable boat.
- Yuri Neishtadt
I went in here looking for a great deal, and ended up walking out with a great boat at a fair price. The owner was incredibly patient with my indecisiveness but eventually guided me to the boat that would suit me best. Extremely happy with the sale so far, and I’m pretty confident that this boat will last a long time. It was great to buy the boat from the guy who designed them, and not a salesman pressuring you to buy. Overall extremely satisfied with the transaction
- Tyler D
The owner is very professional and knowledgeable. We bought an inflatable boat from him, he guided me through the selection process and without ever pressuring me. As he recommended, we selected the right boat for the choppy waters of Lake Erie, and for the past two years we had no problems. This fall, I slightly damaged the boat during storage. I brought the boat right back to him and he fixed without a trace of the problem. Not only has the purchase experience been great with him but his service is reliable!! Amazing place to shop for quality inflatable boats!!!
- Ranjith Ratnam
We are extremely happy with our purchase we made at Innovocean Marine. We were at the store multiple times before we made our purchase. Julian is very knowledgable and answered every question we had...even the little ones. The inflatable boat we purchased was at a very reasonable price (we had shopped around) and fantastic quality. The boat is very easy to put together, and take down. We have even run into another couple with the exact same boat, and they said the same thing. Our kids love to spend the day in our boat fishing. We highly recommend Innovocean Marine in Oakville for any of your boat purchases.
- Alecia Tanchak
Absolutely fantastic customer service and the Innovocean Inflatable Boat is the very best value for the money. I’ve previously had Zodiac brand inflatables and they are good, but very overpriced. I was in the market for a new inflatable this year and after Zodiac sticker shock, I decided to look at other options. I discovered Innovoceans Inflatables. I did a lot of research and learned that the Innovoceans boats are made with the same material as a Zodiac brand, yet are a quarter of the price. Also, instead of going through a dealer and paying the dealership overhead, Innovoceans sells direct to the public. Plus, they are a Canadian company located right outside of Toronto. Another big selling point for me was all of the included options that come with the boat as part of the purchase price. Bimini, emergency ladder, fishing rod holders, covers, front bow cover, attachable storage pockets and detachable wheels for individual movement. I took the gamble, purchased the Innovocean 12’ inflatable and am so very happy with my decision. I am now sold on Innovocean inflatables and they are ‘my’ brand. I HIGHLY recommend Innovocean inflatables. Another point which you will never find from a big dealership is the personable customer service. They rapidly responded via phone and email. Delivery was within days of ordering. Also, Innovocean drove up and delivered the boat north of Parry Sound on a Sunday. What a great company with a fantastic product!
- Dawn Phillips