The Most Durable Premium Inflatable Boat in the marketWe built the toughest Inflatable Boat with uni..
The Most Durable Premium Inflatable Boat in the marketWe built the toughest Inflatable Boat with uni..
12 ft German PVC ThermoWelded Deep V-shape Inflatable Boat*** Construction Features & Specifica..
Design and Build the Safest, Most Durable and Environmental Inflatables
More Unique Features designed

Canadian Design & Quality Control 

All Innovocean Inflatable Boats are certified by Transport Canada. Material and parts are engineering tested at first. Quality Inspection is strictly performed during every production step. All the boats meet the ISO standards and Transport Canada Standards.


Best Fabric Material

We use the German Mehler-Valmex® PVC, one of the specific PVC designed for boats. It has various featrues: UV and weather resistant and dirt repellent. Most of the PVC fabrics consist of a strong, close-weave mesh of polyester or nylon material which is sandwiched between 2 coatings. Many PVC layers are joined by glue. However, the German Mehler company uses melt-roller coating to combine these layers together. The two coatings are also thicker than other types of PVC. This material has a coated fabric with lacquered surface. When a drop of water contacts it, the contact angle between the surfaces is more than 90 degree, while other materials have the angle less than 90 degree. This feature keeps the water off the surface and protects the PVC from corruption.

Fully Thermal Welded Tubes

We use computerized machine-bonding technology to connect air holding component. This is called thermal welding. There is no chemical glue using in the air holding parts.There are many advantages without using chemical glues. All chemical glues have a lifespan shorter than the PVC fabrics. They are easy to get loose and create an opening on the seam. Chemical glues are harmful to the environment, too. With the thermal welding technology, we can get rid of them.

High tensile chromated & powder coated Aluminum Alloy Transom

We use the aluminium alloy transom plates. They are as light as plywood or fiberglass transoms. However, traditional wooden or plastic transoms are easy to absorb water and become corrupted. Therefore wooden or plastic transoms usually have shorter lifecycles than the boat hull. Aluminium transoms are much more durable. Because of the chemical feature of aluminum, aluminium transoms are hardly get corrupted, even in sea water. The aluminium alloy is completely recyclable so it has some environment-friendly bonus.

Bottom Protection

There are three 20cm wide corrugated rubber strips under tubes and keel on bottom to protect them effectively.  It helps to protect against any debris, rocks, logs you may encounter.

Reinforced All the Connections

We added extra layers of material around the benches, handles, Transom area, D rings to reinforce these parts.

Factory pre-installed Solution

With our factory pre-installed Solution, many functional accessaries are ready. Clients can install more equipment in seconds to avoid DIY or special order with less cost.

  •  Anchor Tie-off Holder
  • Two Universal Base Mounts for Rod holders
  • Dingy Wheel Brackets
  • Bimini Canopy (Optional)
  • ladder (Optional)
  • Fishfinder   (Optional)
  • GPS (Optional)



Easy & Comfortable Application

  • Two Load Bags: a heavy duty easy load bag for your boat and an XL bag for your floor and accessories Easy to carry and easy to storage boat in winter season. 
  • Bench bags with Pad: More storage and hot prevent.
  • Aluminum floor with Eva pad: Anti-Slip and hot prevent.
  • Bow Bag: More storage.
  • Dingy wheels  (Option): Easily move to water